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wanna hold him...maybe i'll just sing about it

the next 72 hours of events

*getting up @8
*taking shower
*finish packing
*go to gregs
*get my toes done
*get mine and his oil changed
*get my tires balanced
*try to see if jillian is home
*eat lunch
*greg leaves for work
*drive to ninas
*hang out with my wee nephew
*go to sleep
*wake up
*go to michaels graduation
*go back to ninas
*go to sleep
*wake up
*drive to orlando
*get ready for wedding
*go to wedding
*go back to hotel room
*go to sleep
*wake up
*hang out with nina in orlando
*go home
*go to sleep
*wake up
*see my baby who should be home by then

that is my list

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