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wow, i havent posted in forever

things are ok

i started my job back @ Winn-Dixie except now i work @ the one in Brooksville

i hate working, but it pays for my gas and bill so thats good

at least i will have money while im here @ CFCC. I dont want to think about the day when i have to go to UCF. good god, im going to be in college for forever.

exams are next week...what does that mean?.....NO MORE SCHOOL UNTIL FALL..yeyy, im happy

thats also mean, sleep until whenever i want...yeyy x2

Today is a boring day, i finished my porfolio today which is good so that means i dont ever have to work on it again....god that thing was gay and was way to much work.

i have to write a speech tonight, its due thrusday and i reallllyyyyy dont want to do it

plans for today
-take a nap with greg when we get home, the norm
-go to work
-write speech

and then do it all over again

god i have a borning
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